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*Box of 6 Nose Extender NOT Included*

*Box of 24 Nose Extender Included*

The OneBite System

The OneBite System is designed to work with symmetrical and asymmetrical faces. For symmetrical 

faces the bars are locked at a 90° angle and the doctor is able to have lateral and torque movement 

left to right. For cases with cranial distortions and asymmetrical faces the OneBite offers

 independent movement of the bars; so the doctor is able to capture any angle. All the movements 

are able to be adjusted after the bite material has set.

Past vs. Present

Most doctors commonly use a Q-tip and Benda brush to take the midline/horizontal line angles. 

Unfortunately with this procedure the doctor ends up taking on average 3 records. Reason for this is 

that the bite material sets to quickly, leaving them no time to take a proper record. 

 That's when the OneBite System was developed. As a result the doctor is able to make any 

adjustments to this important record, even after the bite has fully set. For the first time the doctor 

will have the peace of mind knowing they provide the perfect record to the laboratory.  

Enhancing Dentistry


The OneBite System was designed to work with any articulator in the market. If the doctor chooses to take a facebow, the laboratory can mount the maxillary arch using the facebow provided. The OneBite will be the verification of the midline and horizontal line angles.

Vital Information

1. To finalize the midline and horizontal line angles with the OneBite System, make sure to tighten the front knob. 

 2. To lock the record, apply bite material to the sides of the knob and inside the middle of the knob. 

 3. When you send the case to your laboratory make sure to separate the midline bars from the arch so the record doesn't get damaged during shipping.


This record is essential to any cosmetic case. The laboratory will use the OneBite System to visualize and establish the final midline and horizontal line angles. The simple yet, essential record will provide not only the precision, but the confidence in the aesthetic team.

Universal Mounting

The OneBite System is a universal system that can be mounted on any semi adjustable articulator. 

Try The OneBite System

With the OneBite system the doctor has the ability to adjust the record after the bite material has fully set. Giving the peace of mind that you have a quality record.

OneBite Protocol

This short video will explain the use of the OneBite System.

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