Introducing The OneBite Evolution

The OneBite Evolution replaces the traditional facebow work flow during the maxillary arch transfer to the articulator for analog or digital techniques.

True Position of the Maxillary Arch

Dental Clinician

This system is universal and it works with several brands of articulators. Doctors are able to capture the record multiple ways such as Digital, Analog, CBCT, and Facial Scanner.

The Cube allows the Occlusal Bite Plate to freely move enabling the Doctor to Capture the True Position of The Maxillary Arch.

Dental Technician

We created a universal mounting table that has four degrees of freedom. This unique mounting table is fully magnetic and has interchangeable plates that will adapt to the center magnetic core. 

We have developed some efficient and practical tools, with more spatial degrees of freedom and within our collective experience we created one kit specifically for the clinicians and one kit for the technicians.

Base Line

The Base Line will capture the ideal landmarks from the corner of the eye (right exocanthion) to the corner of the ear (right otobasion superius).

OneBite Evolution Teaser