New Approach.

The frankfort and campers plane are based on an outdated landmark that is unreliable and can not be translated accurately into an articulator. Our new approach, the baseline, is a reliable 3 point triangulation reference. Using the OneBite Evolution we are able to capture these landmarks and transfer this exact record based off of the condyle position of the patient as it would be in an articulator. 

How it works.

The OneBite Evolution is a simple, user operated precision tool that allows for a accurate and easy workflow. Many doctors are not comfortable using a facebow due to the multiple joints, screws, and pieces that have to be handled at one time. Not only is the traditional facebow a one size fits all tool it does not allow the doctor to capture a reliable record. The OneBite Evolution cube gives full range of motion capturing the true position of the maxillary arch based off of the landmarks and condyle position. 


Our user-friendly system simplifies the maxillary arch capture process, allowing you to save time and operate more efficiently. This efficiency boost instills confidence in your daily practice.

Instead of sending numerous parts to the lab, you can now simplify the process. Just send the scan of the OneBite Evolution Cube along with your patient's scans, and that's all you need to do. If you prefer the analog method, you can send only the cube and the bite to the lab. This makes your workflow easier and ensures accurate results.

The OneBite Evolution is an invaluable tool that enhances a dentist's workflow by improving precision, saving time, prioritizing patient comfort, offering versatility, and enabling seamless digital and analog integration. It ultimately contributes to more efficient and effective dental care delivery.


We understand that capturing the maxillary arch accurately is crucial for dental professionals seeking excellence in their practice. Our state-of-the-art OneBite Evolution System empowers dentists like you to achieve unparalleled precision and confidence in maxillary arch measurements.

Our research shows that many doctors are not confident in using the traditional facebow. This is not due to the doctor but the unreliable tool that they are using. 

The OneBite Evolution system accurately captures the maxillary arch with state of the art technology. Dentists can diagnose issues such as malocclusion, misalignment, and bite problems more confidently. This leads to better treatment decisions.


Dentists can save valuable time during procedures as the OneBite Evolution system simplifies and streamlines the process of capturing precise maxillary arch records, which is crucial for creating accurate dental prosthetics.

Its advanced technology and ergonomic design make it easy for doctors to obtain highly accurate records from patients, reducing the chances of errors and the need for costly adjustments or remakes later in the treatment process.

The OneBite Evolution is an invaluable system that allows dentists to save time and money on remakes by providing precise measurements, improving treatment planning, minimizing trial and error, enhancing the patient experience, and ultimately reducing costs while maintaining high-quality dental care.

What you get.

The OneBite Evolution Clinician System comes with everything you need to get started.



What is the difference between the OneBite and the OneBite Evolution? 


The OneBite system is a simple system that replaces Q-tips or benda brushes to capture the midline and horizontal line angle position. 

OneBite Evolution

The OneBite Evolution is a universal system replacing the traditional facebow. The OneBite Evolution captures the true position of the maxillary arch with unmatched precision that can be replicated across any articulator allowing an accurate maxillary arch transfer.

How is the OneBite Evolution different than a traditional facebow?

The OneBite Evolution system stands out as the superior choice for dentists when compared to traditional facebow systems. Our innovative technology revolutionizes the way dental professionals work, offering distinct advantages:

1. Precision: The OneBite Evolution system is engineered for unparalleled precision. It ensures accurate measurements and alignments, enabling dentists to provide optimal treatment and achieve superior results. The traditional facebow is a one size fits all tool that uses unreliable landmarks. The OneBite Evolution system provides a precision record by offering a user operated tool and reliable landmarks. Our system is able to transfer the correct maxillary arch record in relation to the condyle unlike other systems.

2. Efficiency: Say goodbye to time-consuming and complex setups. Our system streamlines the process, saving valuable chairside time, and making appointments more efficient for both dentists and patients. Not only can our system fit both analog and digital needs, it eliminates errors that can result in more remakes saving time and money.

3. Ease of Use: Designed with user-friendliness in mind, the OneBite Evolution is easy to learn and operate. Dentists can quickly adapt to the system, reducing the learning curve. Many doctors are not comfortable using a facebow resulting in not being confident in a crucial record. The OneBite Evolution allows for the confidence in the maxillary arch record with precision and ease.

4. Patient Comfort: We prioritize patient comfort. Our system minimizes discomfort during measurements, leading to a more pleasant experience for your patients.

5. Enhanced Diagnosis: With precise data at your fingertips, you can make more accurate diagnoses and treatment plans, improving the overall quality of care you provide.

6. Versatility: The OneBite Evolution system is versatile and adaptable to various dental procedures, making it an indispensable tool for any dentist's toolkit.

What is the difference between analog and digital work flow?

We offer both analog and digital work flows. When you purchase the OneBite Evolution system we provide you with both an analog OneBite Cube/Occlusal plate set and a digital OneBite Cube/Occlusal plate set. Both workflows are identical with the difference of how you send the information to your lab. 

If you are using an analog workflow you will send the black OneBite Cube and black Occlusal plate physically to your lab. If you are using a digital workflow you can scan the record of the digital OneBite Cube on our clinician cube holder and send this file along with the patients upper, lower, and bite scans to the lab or the digital portal to articulate.

Does the lab have to have a technician kit?

Yes, the technician will have their own technician kit to allow them to transfer the record both analog and digitally. The technician will have mostly what the clinician has with the exception of the OneBite Evolution mounting system. This allows the correct transfer of the record with only having to send minimal or no parts to the laboratory depending if you are using an analog or digital workflow.

Is the OneBite Evolution reusable?

The OneBite Evolution is a reusable device with the exception of the disposable arches and occlusal plates.

Do I have to send the whole OneBite Evolution System to my lab?

No, the beauty of the lab having out OneBite Evolution Technician System is that they will have all the parts they will need to articulate and process your case. This allows minimal shipping of parts. If you are using a digital workflow all you will need to send is the digital files and no extra physical parts required to ship.

Any questions left? 

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