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New Approach.

The frankfort and campers plane are based on an outdated landmark that is unreliable and can not be translated accurately into an articulator. Our new approach, the baseline, is a reliable 3 point triangulation reference. Using the OneBite Evolution we are able to capture these landmarks and transfer this exact record based off of the condyle position of the patient as it would be in an articulator. 

How it works.

The OneBite Evolution is a simple, user operated precision tool that allows for a accurate and easy workflow. Technicians know that when a doctor sends a facebow that the record ends up having to be manipulated and your hands and eyes become the facebow more than the actual facebow tool. Not only is the traditional facebow a one size fits all tool, but it does not allow the doctor to capture a reliable record which dilutes the communication to the lab. If you were to take one patient's record on multiple traditional facebows, the mountings would be different on every articulator. For the first time, The OneBite Evolution not only captures the true position of the maxillary arch but is able to be transferred across any articulator in the exact same position.


In the world of dental technology, precision and consistency are paramount. It's a well-known fact among dental technicians that using traditional facebows can lead to significant variations in articulation positions. Moreover, when multiple doctors use the same traditional facebow on a single patient, the resulting records can be positioned differently in the articulator. This inherent unreliability in traditional facebows places a heavy burden on dental laboratories, often forcing them to resort to guesswork and leaving room for errors that necessitate remakes.

Enter the OneBite Evolution, a game-changer in the field of dentistry. This innovative system eliminates the inconsistencies associated with traditional facebows by precisely replicating a patient's record across all articulators. It achieves this by meticulously aligning the maxillary arch's position in relation to the condyle, ensuring unparalleled accuracy.

The OneBite Evolution is a comprehensive technician system that equips you with the tools needed to achieve results on par with a doctor's clinician system. With the inclusion of mounting tools, you gain the ability to transfer patient records with ultimate precision.


Our user-friendly system simplifies the maxillary arch transfer process, allowing you to save time and operate more efficiently.

The OneBite Evolution eliminates the need for complex measurements and guesswork, allowing dental technicians to work more efficiently.

Our system is designed to simplify and enhance the workflow of dental technicians by offering a straightforward yet highly reliable method for capturing and transferring essential jaw relationship data without the guess work.

The OneBite Evolution is an invaluable tool that enhances dental technicians workflow by improving precision, saving time, prioritizing doctor to lab communication, offering versatility, universal mounting system and enabling seamless digital and analog integration. It ultimately contributes to a more efficient and effective process.


Choosing the OneBite Evolution means bidding farewell to the uncertainties and guesswork that have plagued traditional facebow usage. It empowers dental technicians with the peace of mind that comes from knowing that each record is consistently and flawlessly reproduced across all articulators. Say goodbye to remakes and hello to a new era of precision and reliability in your dental laboratory workflow.

OneBite Evolution offers compatibility with digital dentistry systems, allowing technicians to seamlessly integrate digital scans and CAD/CAM workflows into their processes. Our system also offers analog workflow method which is a very simple, straight forward process. This not only saves time but also enhances the overall accuracy and efficiency of designing and fabricating dental restorations.

The OneBite Evolution is an invaluable system that allows dentists to save time and money on remakes by providing precise measurements, improving treatment planning, minimizing trial and error, enhancing the communication from doctor to lab, and ultimately reducing costs while maintaining high-quality results.

What you get.

The OneBite Evolution Technician System comes with everything you need to get started.



How is the OneBite Evolution laboratory process different than a facebow?

The OneBite Evolution workflow is a simple and precise process. If your lab utilizes a digital workflow you will only need to use the OneBite Evolution parts that are needed for your workflow. The doctor will no longer need to send you physical records that are difficult to mount and are almost always incorrect. If your lab utilizes an analog workflow the only parts the doctor will need to ship is the analog OneBite Cube and Occlusal plate with the patients record.

The OneBite Evolution allows the technicians to eliminate a complex mounting process that is normally found with the traditional facebow. The precision and simplicity we offer is unmatched compared to the outdated methods. Our system is universal and can be used on all major brands of articulators allowing the technicians to only need one system that can be transferred to any articulator.

The OneBite Evolution Digital Mounting Adapters allow for mounting this record without the need of plaster and a complex mounting process for any digital workflows that a lab might require.

What is the condyle relation with your system compared to others?

The OneBite Evolution precisely communicates the relation of the maxillary arch position to the condyle by using the baseline landmarks with our system. We are able to replicate the exact record of a patient across multiple articulators no matter the brand. The traditional facebow systems are a one size fits all system resulting in an incorrect record that is not communicating the correct relation of the condyle and maxillary arch position. An average measurement is not a correct measurement. If you were to take one patient and multiple traditional facebows across multiple articulators the record would look different on each one. The OneBite Evolution gives a precise recording the the laboratory enabling the true, correct, position of the maxillary arch in relation the the condyle. 

What articulators are compatible with your system?

The OneBite Evolution is a universal system. Currently we are compatible with Stratos, Artex (Amann Girrbach) , Denar Mk 2, Denar Mk 320 (Whipmix), Sam 2, Sam 3, Panadent, and Kavo articulators. The only part required is the OneBite Evolution Articulator Plate and Slider to adapt the system to these articulators. We are working on adding additional articulators to our system as well. If you have a specific articulator that is not currently listed, please contact us.

The doctor sent me the scan files, how do I process them digitally?

Currently 3Shape has the OneBite Evolution integrated within their articulation process. Refer to the 3Shape/Digital Protocol instructions for the step by step walkthrough. 

If you are wanting to articulate the files sent by your doctor in the physical articulator you will need to purchase the Digital Mounting Adapter or articulate the 3D printed models using the OneBite Evolution Technician system protocol. 

For the Digital Mounting Adapter protocol you or your doctor will send the files along with the baseline (Z) and midline (Y) values to the digital portal (located in website menu). You will receive the correctly mounted files with the number of risers needed to place on the Digital Mounting Adapter. Once you print your models place the upper and lower into the adapters along with the recommended risers and secure models with the screw. Now the case is in the true maxillary arch position based off the information recorded by the doctor.

What bite material do I use for analog mounting?

We recommend technicians to use a fast setting, rigid bite material. When applying the bite material in between the occlusal plate and transfer plate you want to make sure to secure both the front and the back fully to correctly lock in the maxillary arch position.

Which softwares support the OneBite Evolution?

OneBite Evolution is compatible with the 3Shape software. 3Shape has the OneBite Evolution tools integrated in the digital articulation dental designer software. If you would like to use the OneBite Evolution Digital Mounting Adapter or Exocad you will need to submit the files to the digital portal for digital articulation processing (digital portal in the main menu).

Any questions left? 

Leave us a message! We are always here to help.